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Kirishima Silver Sightseeing Goodwill Guide(KSSGG) is a volunteer organization offering "Guided Tours" in the Kirishima area.
For those who would like to request our "Tour Guide Service", please click on the "Guide Service" tab above and follow the instructions.

About us

KSSGG was officially registered as an organized Goodwill Guide Club of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in June 2019.
We started goodwill guides in October 2019.
KSSGG is comprised of members who can speak both English and Japanese.
We will provide customized tours based on requests introducing you to hidden spots not normally seen as well as well-known shrines and ruins in the Kirishima area.
With this service, we hope to contribute to international friendship between nations and at the same time ​​​share the history and beauty of Kirishima with you.

Guide service

We provide tour guides for overseas tourists.
Those who need our tour guide service are requested to fill the "Applicaion Form" below and click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the Form.
Please apply at least three weeks prior to the guide day.

  1. Segodon cource
  2. Kirishima Shrine cource
  3. Kagoshima Shrine cource
  4. Wake Shrine・Inukai Fall cource
  5. Hamanoichi cource
  6. Ruin of Osumi Kokubunji cource
  7. Shiroyama park cource
  8. Private plan

Application Form

Please read our conditions stated on this page and fill in this form.
This application should be submitted to us at least three weeks in advance.

Your name(Mr./Ms.)
Your E-mail address
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Your nationality
Language of choice

Date of service Year/Month/Day
Meeting time
Meeting place
Number of visitors Female
Places to visit
Your accomodation Name
Telephone No.
How did you know our club?

Other Information Let us know, if any, of your specific eating habit or physical problems that our guides should know.
Further usefull Information for the guide

Terms and Conditions

  • The tour itself is free of charge.
  • Payment required :
    A. 3,000 yen (including tax) per guide, per day, to pay his/her transportation fees from home to the meeting place.
    B. In addition to A, fees (transportation, meals and admission) of the guide as well as yours incurred during the course of the guided tour.
  • One guide will be provided for five or fewer visitors.
  • Our service is available from 9am to 6pm.
  • Please note that we are not responsible/liable for any accidents that may occur during the course of our guided tour.
  • Our members are not professional tour guides. Therefore, their language skills and knowledge may not be as good as those of professional guides.
  • We do not provide services for any commercial purposes from travel agents, etc.
  • Our services are made available with the provision that you agree to comply with our terms and conditions.

Upon agreeing to our terms and conditions, please proceed to press the Submit Button.